At Pilates on Macgregor, we are proud to have assisted many people to improve their quality of life, mobility and strength

Jean Henry, Artist

I’m a dedicated Pilates person. I just love it.

An accident in a yoga class left me with badly damaged ligaments in my lower back. I was unable to bend forward and in serious pain. Simple household chores were impossible to do, and my artwork stopped. Brushing my Labrador was out of the question. After 3 months of musculoskeletal treatments, my chiropractor referred me to Peter to do Pilates.

That was 2 years ago. The transformation has been quite remarkable. My injury continues to heal and my entire body is much stronger. More importantly I have my mobility back and my dog gets brushed.

Pilates is a fun and very effective form of exercise. It is a total body workout. I recommend it for “every body”, especially if you have an injury.

Heather Brown, Journalist and Horse Stud Breeder

After a childhood accident horse riding, I suffered chronic back pain most of my life.

My osteopath sent me to see Peter to see if Pilates would help.

Three months later, when I walked backed into her office she couldn’t believe the transformation. I stood tall and straight and walked with a freedom she had never seen. And I wasn’t in constant pain.

Pilates was the difference and Peter is a very attentive, competent and considerate instructor. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants or needs to do Pilates.