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“Fully certified and experienced Pilates instructors”

Peter WhitePeter White

Peter White, Principal Instructor and owner of the studio, and his co-teachers are all fully certified and experienced in teaching the Pilates Method.

Peter came to Pilates with a backgound in remedial therapy and bodywork. Originally, he trained under the reknowned Pilates Master Rael Izacowitz of Body Arts and Science International. Since then, he has advanced his qualifications with certification from Pilates International in Sydney and more recently, Polestart Pilates.



Jane Layton

Jane Layton

Jane Layton has a background in teaching both school and dance. A published co-author of a book on dance teaching in schools, Jane enjoys the whole spectrum of theatrical performance.
After seeking out Pilates for her own physical well being, she recognised the value of its’ application to performance and dance movement as well as to the whole community.
Her original Pilates training was with Body Control Pilates in London. Since moving to Australia over 10 years ago, she underwent her Body Arts and Science International training and received her certification in 2002.
Jane runs the popular Wednesday mornings 40’s+ sessions, and is sought after for locum work at several studios around Brisbane.


Dolores Silooy

Dolores Silooy

Dolores Silooy has a background in marketing and administration. A devotee of health and exercise, a referral from her physio after an injury from exercise led her to Pilates. She loved the regime and realised it was an adaptable and versatile system that anyone could still be doing well into their old age.

She trained to become an instructor with Lifecare Pilates over 10 years ago. She has since received her full certification from Polestar Pilates Australia, and works as a full time Pilates instructor.


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